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70 Southwoods Road, Syosset, NY,11791

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Our Values

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"Our economic mission is to limit the negative environmental impact of our pudding by providing sustainable methods of food production."

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"Our social mission is to fight food insecurity while showing a deep respect for people inside and outside the NYGP family."

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"Our product mission is to provide experiential comfort to our customers through a favorite dessert with a modern twist."


About Us!

How did your grandmother make pudding? Perhaps she stood in front of a stove stirring a pot until it was thick. And then she poured it into cups and chilled it in the refrigerator to set up for you to enjoy the next day? But I'll bet your grandmother never stirred boba into her pudding.  Imagine a small, delectably, sweet chewy pearl of boba added to your beloved pudding. You know, boba, like they put into boba tea. That is where we come in. At Not Your Grandma’s Pudding (NYGP), we are revolutionizing the pudding market with our never-been-done-before boba pudding deliciousness.


What is Boba?


Boba is a bite sized, sweet and chewy ball of flavor that will be your new obsession! Originally from Taiwan, Boba is one of the fastest growing food trends today. The Boba pearls are filled with tapioca, a gluten free starch extracted from the root of a cassava plant, then boiled and flavored using brown sugar or honey to create a small but tasty addition to your dessert.